Hydro power plants

Hydro power plants

A sole interlocutor for designing
and installing of hydropower plants.

EPF Energy is an EPC Contractor specialized in the designing and manufacturing of hydroelectric power stations in Italy and abroad. With internal skills that range from feasibility studies to project financing, from design to installation and commissioning, EPF Energy can offer, according to the customer’s demand, a turn key service or consultancy aimed at the individual parts of the design.

EPF Energy works with well-know components suppliers, recognized for their excellence at an International level, devolping for each site the most appropriate technological solution: from most traditional Pelton, Kaplan, Crossflow and Francis turbines to submerged Kaplan and Archimedes'screw turbines, suitable technologies for low heads.

The flexibility of the EPF Energy offer guarantees the customer constant assistancein after-sale services: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, preventive and predictive maintenance and management of the plant.

EPF Energy staff assists the customer in the different manufacturing stage of the hydroelectric system:

  • Preliminary consultancy and permitting
  • Project management
  • Electric, electro-mechanical and hydraulic design
  • Components supply
  • Installation and civil works
  • Commissioning
  • After-sales services
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